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Ramiza Sakip joined FERYP in 1998 and she has been a Bureau Member and treasurer of the organization from 2002 - 2011. She also took a part as a team member in the preparation, organizing and implementing the activities of the organization: study sessions, conferences etc. From 2009 - 2011 she has been a member in the Advisory Council on Youth, statutory body of the COE representing FERYP.

Since 1995 she has been actively  involved in establishing  of several  Roma NGO`s in Macedonia , such  Roma Women Association “ESMA”, Organization of Roma Youth ”ANGLUNIPE”,ROMA CENER of SKOPJE ,Roma Women Network “TOGETHER” ,where she gained all her experience for the past 17 years as a Roma activist at the local and national level .

She worked as short term expert on Roma issues for more than year for the Ludwig Boltzamann Institute of Human Rights BIM on a coordination the participation of the Roma NGOs and the other relevant stakeholders in the preparation phase of the elaboration process of the Joint Inclusion Memorandum, delivered report of the ground situation of the vulnerable Roma group in eight regions including report in Macedonian and English titled On the Path to EU :Contribution of the Civil Society Sector in the Creation of the Policy of Social Inclusion in the Republic of Macedonia .

In 2011 Ms. Sakip worked as a trainer and delivered trainings for Roma School and Health Mediators in Macedonia as a part from  the European Training Program for Roma Mediators - ROMED an initiative of the Council of Europe.

In 2005, she participated in the Roma Access Program (RAP) at the Central European University, Budapest where she took courses on academic English and international relations. She also completed internships in 2006 at the European Commission DG Education and Culture and in the Council of Europe in Division for Roma and Traveler Group where she became more familiar with the European mechanisams and Educational polices for Roma.

During and after her studies, Ramiza participated in a number of workshops, conferences, trainings throughout Europe organized by COE, UN, Minority Rights Group, World Bank where she become a trainer in Human Rights, Non formal education, NGO management, Advocacy and Lobby.

Ramiza graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor`s degree in Education at the University Sv. Kliment Ohridski of Skopje.In the present she is the member in the National Coordinative Body by the Government of Macedonia responsible for the monitoring and implementation of the Roma Decade and the National Strategy for Roma in Macedonia.

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