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Inspector for Roma education within the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports in Bucharest, Roumania where I take care of:

  • organization and carrying out education of school children's recovery, young people and adults in pre-school education, Roma, primary and secondary;
  • the quality of the educational process of teaching and learning-evaluation in education for the Roma teachers for rromani language, history and school mediators.
  • monitoring of educational establishments with many rroma children in order to prevent structuring groups of kindergarten and segregated classes in education, the proposed measures to cope with all situations identified as having segregated classes/groups;
  • ensuring the necessary framework for support/respect for the rights of children and of young Roma to education by proposing and supporting policies and measures taken in this regard at governmental level and ministerial level;
  • guidance and control in connection with the implementation of the educational plans and programs for school activities for the prevention of school dropouts and school rehabilitation;
  • guidance and control mode of operation of the "School after School" program;
  • ensuring the preconditions for legislative and governmental and non-governmental partnerships needed to increase the frequency of Roma children in education, primary and secondary school
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